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Not just ‘anotr’ soccer table

“Art can be customizable, luxury can be fun.”

With this vision in mind, Belgian designer pair ‘Arton’ has made its bold debut. The unexpected merge between an actually playable soccer table and an exclusive showpiece out of the finest marble is a welcome refreshment amongst designer landscape. Creative founders Jonathan Thijs and Mirthe Martens are currently showcasing at the new AMIRI flagship store on Rodeo Drive. Humbled by the international interest, Arton strives to unmistakably keep putting the art on by introducing a complete line of exclusive objects.


‘Anotr’ is the result of a play of words with ‘Arton’ letters. Somewhat simple, but in its purity this choice of name really does embody the delicate blend of beauty and rawness this fresh brand is aiming at. According to Jonathan Thijs and Mirthe Martens this is only the first of many object ideas the lively Belgian designer couple plans to launch.


Custom building every single ‘Anotr’ into an individual piece, allows it to be finetuned to customer needs. In doing so, the designers at Arton have made it quite hard on themselves and prove to be willing to go the extra mile for the ultimate client match. “Some prefer the soccer table to blend in with their interior, while others desire it to stand out at a high-end event. And so everything from the type of marble, the color of the solid wooden undercarriage and the name plaque can be adapted whichever way is most desirable.”, Arton explains.


While working with the finest quality marble, it isn’t exactly advisable to experiment by trial and error. That’s why Arton joined forces with the renowned ‘Il Granito’. This Belgian-Italian production house is owned by the celebrated Rizzi family and has successfully elevated the processing of high-end natural stones to an art worthy level.


While creating his AMIRI flagship store in Beverly Hillls, founder and fashion designer Mike Amiri excitedly noticed Anotr. “Luxury can be fun.”, he laughed and that is exactly what both him and Arton agreed upon. When visiting Rodeo Drive, you can now admire this completely personalized soccer table while peeking in. Just go ahead and play on it while shopping, you’ll be guaranteed to fantasize about your very own ‘not just anotr’.

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